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Bacri, J.C.

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Bacri, J.-C.;   Bacri, Jean C.


Figueiredo Neto, A.M.

Publication Titles

1974: Magnetic field effects on the attenuation and velocity of ultrasonic waves in a nematic liquid crystal
1974: Measurement of some viscosity coefficients in the nematic phase of a liquid crystal
1975: Anisotropy of ultrasonic attenuation above a smectic A-nematic transition. Determination of the relaxation time
1975: Atténuation et vitesse ultrasonores critiques au-dessous d'une transition smectique a-cholestérique faiblement du premier ordre
1975: Divergence of the Frank constant k{\sub 33} and ultrasonic attenuation .alpha.|| above the smectic A-nematic transition
1976: Demonstration of the second sound by an acoustical method in the smectic A phase of a liquid crystal
1994: Dynamics of lyotropic ferronematic liquid crystals submitted to magnetic fields


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