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Bacri, J.-C.

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Bacri, J.C.


Berejnov, V.;   Browaeys, J.;   Cabuil, V.;   Cebers, A.;   Elias, F.;   Flament, C.;   Gazeau, F.;   Lacis, S.;   Melliti, R.;   Perzynski, R.;   Ponton, A.;   Raikher, Yu.;   Raikher, Yu.L.;   Stepanov, V.I.;   Wilhelm, C.;   Ünal, H.

Publication Titles

1977: Shear waves in the BA, BC and EA smectics
1995: Fingering phenomena at bending instability of a magnetic fluid stripe
1998: Lyotropic ferronematics: magnetic orientational transition in the discotic phase
1998: Synthesis of stable lyotropic ferronematics with high magnetic content
2002: Local rheological probes for complex fluids: Application to Laponite suspensions
2002: Orientational dynamics of ferrofluids with finite magnetic anisotropy of the particles: Relaxation of magneto-birefringence in crossed fields
2003: Rotational magnetic endosome microrheology: Viscoelastic architecture inside living cells
2003: Rotational magnetic particles microrheology: The Maxwellian case


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