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Baciu, I.

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Baciu, Ion


Bena, R.;   Bena, Rodica;   Cuculescu, I.;   Cuculescu, Iuliana;   Enache, A.;   Florea, C.;   Honciuc, Maria;   Luca, E.;   Luca, Emil;   Motoc, Cornelia;   Popescu, V.;   Savin, O.;   Schiopu, L.;   Sofron, E.;   Sofron, Emil;   Teodorescu, H.N.;   Teodorescu, Horia Nicolai

Publication Titles

1977: Study of some properties at the semiconductor-liquid crystal interface
1979: On the choice of the pre-excitation of the liquid crystal devices used in transducers
1980: Guest host interaction in the compensated cholesteric mixture of cholesteryl chloride and cholesteryl laurate 74:26% molar
1980: The effects of mechanical stress on liquid crystal devices
1981: The effect of Rhodamine 6G on phase transitions in cholesteryl ester mixtures
1982: Coherent pulsing electrohydrodynamic instabilities in compensated cholesteric mixture
1983: Costa Ribeiro effect in some cholesteryl esters


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