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Bach, Volker

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Bach, V.


Brox, Wolfgang;   Cabrera, Ivan;   Diele, Siegmar;   Etzbach, Karl-Heinz;   Fuchs, Harald;   Paul, Axel;   Pelzl, Gerhard;   Ringsdorf, Helmut;   Siemensmeyer, Karl;   Wagenblast, Gerhard

Publication Titles

1991: Dialkynyl malonate derivatives and their uses
1992: Liquid - crystal compounds, their preparation, and their use
1992: Liquid crystalline polymers with a nearly uniform molecular weight
1992: Reversible or irreversible production of an image
1993: Methods of producing a ferroelectric or antiferroelectric or ferrielectric order in glassy solidifying liquid crystals
1993: Optically active esters of phenoxypropionic acid


DE 4.108.627 (1992/09/17)
DE 4.109.262 (1991/10/02)
EP 501.325 (1992/09/02)
EP 512.308 (1992/11/11)
EP 528.268 (1993/02/24)
EP 542.028 (1993/05/19)

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