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Baccile, Niki

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Baccile, N.


Amenitsch, Heinz;   Babonneau, Florence;   Bonhomme, Christian;   Innocenzi, Plinio;   Laurent, Guillaume;   Lindén, Mika;   Teixeira, Cilaine V.;   Villain, Françoise

Publication Titles

2007: Solid-State NMR Characterization of the Surfactant-Silica Interface in Templated Silicas: Acidic versus Basic Conditions
2008: Time-Resolved in Situ Raman and Small-Angle X-ray Diffraction Experiments: From Silica-Precursor Hydrolysis to Development of Mesoscopic Order in SBA-3 Surfactant-Templated Silica

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