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Bacchiocchi, Corrado

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Bacchiocchi, C.


Arcioni, Alberto;   Brunelli, Marco;   D'Elia, Marcello;   Fontecchio, Adam;   Grossi, Loris;   Miglioli, Isabella;   Nicolini, Alessandro;   Rai, Kashma;   Tarroni, Riccardo;   Tiberio, Giustiniano;   Vecchi, Ilaria;   Venditti, Giampaolo;   Zanirato, Paolo;   Zannoni, Claudio

Publication Titles

1997: Energy transfer in condensed systems. The effect of phase organization
1998: Directional energy transfer in columnar liquid crystals: A computer-simulation study
2001: Energy transfer and orientational dynamics in isotropic and nematic phases. A computer simulation approach
2001: Order and mobility of the fluorescent probe 1,6-diphenylhexatriene in a polyester liquid crystal polymer
2002: Electron Spin Resonance Studies of Order and Dynamics in a Nematic Liquid Crystal Containing a Dispersed Hydrophobic Aerosil
2004: A comparison of the effects of dispersed hydrophobic or hydrophilic aerosil nanoparticles on the order and dynamics of the 5CB liquid crystal
2005: Glass-like Behavior at Molecular Level Induced in a Nematic by a Dispersion of Aerosil Nanoparticles
2007: A Non-Standard Temperature Dependence of the Order Parameter of the 5CB Liquid Crystal Doped with an Azo-Derivative
2007: Expected and Unexpected Behavior of the Orientational Order and Dynamics Induced by Azobenzene Solutes in a Nematic
2009: Order and Dynamics Inside H-PDLC Nanodroplets: An ESR Spin Probe Study


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