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Babonneau, Florence

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Babonneau, F.


Albouy, Pierre-Antoine;   Amenitsch, Heinz;   Antonietti, Markus;   Ayral, Andre;   Baccile, Niki;   Balkenende, A.R.;   Blum, Raphael;   Boissiere, Cedric;   Bonhomme, Christian;   Brunet-Bruneau, Aline;   Cabuil, Valerie;   Cagnol, Florence;   Crepaldi, Eduardo L.;   Gervais, Christelle;   Goletto, Valerie;   Grosso, David;   Guizard, Christian;   Innocenzi, Plinio;   Klotz, Michaela;   Laurent, Guillaume;   Lindén, Mika;   Menager, Christine;   Nicole, Lionel;   Rivory, Josette;   Sanchez, Clement;   Soler-Illia, Galo J. de A.A.;   Teixeira, Cilaine V.;   Tiemann, Michael;   Villain, Françoise;   van der Lee, Arie

Publication Titles

2000: The True Structure of Hexagonal Mesophase-Templated Silica Films As Revealed by x-ray Scattering: Effects of Thermal Treatments and of Nanoparticle Seeding
2002: An in Situ Study of Mesostructured CTAB-Silica Film Formation during Dip Coating Using Time-Resolved SAXS and Interferometry Measurements
2002: In-Situ SAXS Studies on the Formation of Silicate/Surfactant Mesophases with Solubilized Benzene under Acidic Conditions
2003: Humidity-controlled mesostructuration in CTAB-templated silica thin film processing. The existence of a modulable steady state
2006: Nanocrystalline Mesoporous .gamma.-Alumina Powders "UPMC1 Material" Gathers Thermal and Chemical Stability with High Surface Area
2007: Solid-State NMR Characterization of the Surfactant-Silica Interface in Templated Silicas: Acidic versus Basic Conditions
2008: Time-Resolved in Situ Raman and Small-Angle X-ray Diffraction Experiments: From Silica-Precursor Hydrolysis to Development of Mesoscopic Order in SBA-3 Surfactant-Templated Silica


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