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Azaroual, Nathalie

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Azaroual, N.


Aubry, Jean-Marie;   Fournial, Anne-Gaelle;   Fournial, Anne-Gaëlle;   Molinier, Valerie;   Molinier, Valérie;   Vermeersch, Gaston;   Zhu, Ying

Publication Titles

2007: Aqueous Phase Behavior of Tetraethylene Glycol Decanoyl Ester (C9COE4) and Ether (C10E4) Investigated by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Techniques
2009: Self-Association of Short-Chain Nonionic Amphiphiles in Binary and Ternary Systems: Comparison between the Cleavable Ethylene Glycol Monobutyrate and Its Ether Counterparts

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