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Ayral, Andre

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Ayral, André

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Ayral, A.


Albouy, Pierre-Antoine;   Babonneau, Florence;   Bosc, Florence;   Cabuil, Valerie;   Cot, Louis;   Dabadie, Thierry;   Datas, Lucien;   Grosso, David;   Guizard, Christian;   Klotz, Michaela;   Lacan, Pascale;   Menager, Christine;   van der Lee, Arie

Publication Titles

1996: Synthesis and characterization of inorganic gels in a lyotropic liquid crystal medium. Part 2. Synthesis of silica gels in lyotropic crystal phases obtained from cationic surfactants
2000: Synthesis conditions for hexagonal mesoporous silica layers
2000: The True Structure of Hexagonal Mesophase-Templated Silica Films As Revealed by x-ray Scattering: Effects of Thermal Treatments and of Nanoparticle Seeding
2004: Mesostructure of Anatase Thin Films Prepared by Mesophase Templating

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