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Ayral, A.

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Ayral, Andre;   Ayral, André


Acosta, S.;   Balzer, C.;   Barthel, E.;   Cabuil, V.;   Chemin, N.;   Cot, L.;   Dabadie, T.;   Guizard, C.;   Julbe, A.;   Klotz, M.;   Lurin, C.;   Menager, C.;   Nie, W.;   Rioult, D.;   Rouessac, V.;   van der Lee, A.

Publication Titles

1994: Liquid crystal templating effects on silica gels synthesized using quaternary ammonium surfactants
1994: Synthesis and characterization of silica gels obtained in lamellar media
1995: Sol-gel derived silica membranes with tailored microporous structures
1995: Synthesis of inorganic gels in a lyotropic liquid crystal medium. I. Synthesis of silica gels in lamellar phases obtained from non-ionic surfactants
1997: Synthesis of alumina gels in amphiphilic media
1999: Synthesis and texture of mesophase templated silica layers seeded with nanoparticles
2006: Mechanical properties of mesoporous silica thin films: Effect of the surfactant removal processes


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