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Awazu, K.

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Awazu, Kunia;   Awazu, Kunio


Heya, M.;   Hori, H.;   Kiyohara, K.;   Monobe, H.;   Shimizu, Y.;   Terasawa, N.

Publication Titles

2000: Change of Liquid-Crystal Domains by Vibrational Excitation for a Columnar Mesophase
2002: Change of Liquid Crystal Domains by Polarized Infrared Irradiation for a Columnar Liquid Crystal
2003: An infrared technique for alignment control of discotic liquid crystals: A possible fabrication technology for organic micro/nano electronic devices
2003: Anisotropic Change of Liquid-Crystal Domains by Polarized Infrared Pulse Laser Irradiation for a Columnar Mesophase
2004: Controlling the orientation of the columns in a DLC by irradiation with IR
2005: An infrared technique for the alignment control of highly viscous mesophases: the formation of homeotropic and planar domains for hexagonal columnar mesophase of Triphenylene mesogens
2006: Alignment Control of a Columnar Liquid Crystal for a Uniformly Homeotropic Domain Using Circularly Polarized Infrared Irradiation


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