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Avent, A.G.

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Avent, Anthony G.


Celebre, G.;   Emsley, James W.;   Hitchcock, P.B.;   Longeri, M.;   Luckhurst, Geoffrey R.;   Martsinovich, N.;   Russo, N.;   Singleton, V.N.;   Taylor, R.;   Troshin, P.A.;   Turner, David L.

Publication Titles

1983: NMR spin-echo spectra of molecules containing four spin-1/2 nuclei with AA'BB' symmetry in liquid crystalline samples
1983: The orientational ordering of a liquid crystal determined using fluorine spin echo spectroscopy
1985: Spin antiechoes in liquid-crystalline samples
1988: The potential function for rotation about the phenyl-C bond in 3,5-dibromoethylbenzene. An investigation by proton NMR of a sample dissolved in a nematic solvent
2005: C{\sub 1}C{\sub 70}F{\sub 38} Contains Four Planar Aromatic Hexagons; The Parallel between Fluorination of [60]- and [70]Fullerenes


J. Magn. Reson., 52, 57
J. Magn. Reson., 62, 387
Mol. Phys., 49, 737
Mol. Phys., 65, 391
Org. Lett., 7, 1975

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