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Avadhanlu, M.N.

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Avadhanulu, M.N.


Gopalakrishna, C.V.S.S.V.;   Kishore, P.R.;   Murty, C.R.K.;   Raj, T.F.S.;   Rao, N.V.S.;   Sarma, J.S.M.;   Sarma, P.B.K.

Publication Titles

1968: Influence of magnetic and electric fields on the dielectric constant of the liquid-crystal phase of anisylidene-p-aminoazobenzene
1973: Proton magnetic resonance in nematic liquid crystals. 4-[(4-Ethoxybenzylidene)amino]azobenzene, N-(4-acetoxybenzylidene)-p-phenetidine, and N-(4-butoxybenzylidene)-p-phenetidine
1973: Proton magnetic resonance in nematic liquid crystals. Acetoxybenzal-p-anisidine, acetoxybenzal-p-aminoazobenzene, and anisal-p-aminoazobenzene
1975: Anomalous alignment and domain formation in nematic liquid crystal: ethoxyphenylazophenyl hexanoate
1976: Electric and magnetic field effects in p-methoxybenzylidene-p'-n-butylaniline
1976: Influence of electric and magnetic fields on the molecular alignment in EBBA
1978: Field and frequency effects in a nematic mixture of negative and positive dielectric anisotropy


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Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., 20, 221
Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., 36, 65
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