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Auvray, Xavier

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Auvray, X.


Amrhar, Jamal;   Anthore, Rene;   Benvegnu, Thierry;   Bertho, Jean-Noel;   Chevalier, Yves;   Danoix, Frederic;   Duval, Patrice;   Gallot, Bernard;   Jandaly, Jean;   Labulle, Bernard;   Lattes, Armand;   Le Perchec, Pierre;   Perche, Thierry;   Petipas, Claude;   Plusquellec, Daniel;   Rico, Isabelle;   Rico-Lattes, Isabelle

Publication Titles

1984: X-ray diffraction study of the importance of the hydrophobic effect on the domain of the hexagonal liquid-crystal phase in aqueous solutions of alkylammonium chlorides
1988: X-ray diffraction of mesophases in the CTAB-formamide system
1990: Formation of lyotropic liquid crystals in the sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS)-formamide system
1994: Solution Properties of Zwitterionic Pyridinio Surfactants
1997: Role of solvent-head-group interaction on the formation of lyotropic liquid - crystals in structured non-aqueous solvents
1997: Thermotropic liquid - crystalline properties of some novel hexuronic acid derivatives bearing a single or two alkyl chains


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