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Auroy, Philippe

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Auroy, P.;   Auroy, Ph.


Delaire, Jacques;   Dozov, Ivan;   Durand, Georges;   Forget, Sandrine;   Grelet, Eric;   Keller, Patrick;   Le Barny, Pierre;   Li, Min-Hui;   Martinot-Lagarde, Philippe;   Ou Ramdane, Olivier;   Perny, Sebastien;   Polossat, Eric;   Raspaud, Eric

Publication Titles

1998: Liquid crystal device comprising anchoring means on at least one confinement plate providing degenerated orientation
2000: An azobenzene-containing side-on liquid crystal polymer
2000: Synthesis and liquid crystal alignment properties of new cinnamate-based photocrosslinkable polymers
2002: Liquid-Crystalline Polymethacrylates by Atom-Transfer Radical Polymerization at Ambient Temperature

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