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Attwood, David

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Attwood, D.


Aboulgasem, Gamal J.;   Booth, Colin;   Castelletto, Valeria;   Collett, John H.;   Crothers, Michael;   Dandiker, Yogesh;   Elathrem, Fathi A.I.;   Geraghty, Pauline B.;   Hamley, Ian W.;   Harrison, Wayne J.;   Nixon, S. Keith;   Price, Colin;   Yang, Zhuo

Publication Titles

1996: The in vitro release of some antimuscarinic drugs from monoolein/water lyotropic liquid crystalline gels
2005: Micelles and Gels of Mixed Triblock Copoly(Oxyalkylene)s in Aqueous Solution
2005: Structure of Aqueous Gels Formed by Triblock and Diblock Copolymers with Oxyethylene and Oxyphenylethylene Blocks

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