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Attard, G.S.

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Attard, George S.;   Attard, George Simon


Araki, K.;   Barney, C.J.;   Bartlett, P.N.;   Baumberg, J.J.;   Beckmann, P.A.;   Bhatti, A.M.;   Cullum, P.R.;   Date, R.W.;   Douglass, A.G.;   Edgar, M.;   Elliott, J.M.;   Emsley, James W.;   Fawcett, A.H.;   Fletcher, I.D.;   Fuller, S.;   Gabriel, T.;   Garnett, S.;   Gemmell, P.A.;   Gray, George W.;   Griffin, Anselm C.;   Göltner, C.G.;   Hickman, C.G.;   Hopwood, J.;   Howell, O.;   Howell, O.T.;   Hung, R.S.L.;   Imrie, Corrie T.;   Karasz, F.E.;   Khoo, S.K.;   Kozak, A.;   Lacey, D.;   Li, X.;   Luckhurst, Geoffrey R.;   Markham, M.;   Markham, M.L.;   Moura-Ramos, J.J.;   Nandhakumar, I.;   Nandhakumar, I.S.;   Nestor, G.;   Owen, J.R.;   Rahman, A.;   Rice, D.M.;   Roskilly, S.J.;   Ryan, N.;   Sachdev, H.;   Schleeh, T.;   Seddon, J.M.;   Shinde, N.;   Singh, G.;   Smith, D.C.;   Sproston, S.;   Taylor, L.;   Templer, Richard H.;   Tiddy, G.J.;   Tiddy, Gordon J.T.;   Turner, D.L.;   Wallington, A.;   West, Y.D.;   Williams, G.

Publication Titles

1982: Pretransitional behavior in nematic liquid crystals. A nuclear magnetic resonance study
1983: NMR studies of pretransitional behavior in nematogens. The use of solutes
1984: Field-induced orientational ordering in the isotropic phase of mesogens studied by NMR spectroscopy
1984: Pre-transitional behavior in the isotropic phase of nematogenic mixtures: An NMR investigation
1985: A molecular theory of pretransitional behavior in smectogenic liquid crystals
1986: Dielectric relaxation in the planarly-aligned nematic phase of a siloxane side-chain polymer: comparison of theory with experiment
1986: Liquid crystalline side-chain polymers as dielectrically variable materials: possible applications as dielectric information storage media
1986: Molecular dynamics of liquid-crystalline side-chain polymers: the dielectric relaxation behavior of a siloxane polymer in the nematic and isotropic phases
1986: The determination of the order parameters and director alignment in the nematic phase of a liquid crystalline side-chain polymer by a resolution of dielectric loss spectra
1986: The effect of a directing electric field on the physical structure of a liquid-crystalline side chain polymer: the preparation of aligned thin films and their study using dielectric relaxation spectroscopy
1986: The effect of cooling rate on the alignment of a liquid-crystalline polymer as studied by dielectric relaxation spectroscopy
1986: The study of director alignment in a nematogenic side-chain siloxane polymer by dielectric relaxation spectroscopy
1987: 13th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Fukuoka
1987: A simple approach to the dielectric relaxation behavior of a liquid-crystalline polymer and its application to the determination of the director order parameter for partially aligned materials
1987: Pretransitional behavior in nematogenic mixtures. A molecular field theory
1987: Two-frequency addressing of a siloxane liquid crystalline side-chain polymer for different thermal/electrical treatments as studied by dielectric relaxation spectroscopy
1988: Molecular dynamics and macroscopic alignment properties of thermotropic liquid-crystalline side chain polymers as studied by dielectric relaxation spectroscopy
1988: Molecular dynamics of a siloxane liquid-crystalline polymer as studied by dielectric relaxation spectroscopy
1989: Dielectric and electrooptical properties of a chiral liquid crystalline polymer
1989: Experimental observation of a novel phenomenon in the biphasic region of a nematogenic siloxane polymer: the recovery of homeotropic alignment in the absence of external fields
1989: Template-induced recovery of homeotropic alignment in the biphasic region of a nematogenic siloxane polymer: a simple phenomenological model
1989: Trimeric liquid crystals containing lateral alkyl chains
1990: Asymmetric dimeric liquid crystals with charge transfer groups
1990: Dielectric relaxation spectroscopy studies on a polymer with mesogenic side chains
1990: Lead(II) alkadiynoates: a novel class of liquid-crystalline precursors to poly(diacetylenes)
1990: Liquid crystalline materials for polymers with anisotropic ultrastructures
1990: Phase studies of blends of polystyrene-based liquid-crystalline side-chain polymers with low-molar-mass mesogens
1990: Thermotropic mesomorphism in a branched chain copper(II) carboxylate and its pyrazine complex
1991: Liquid crystalline side-chain polymers in technology: present trends and future developments
1991: Side-chain liquid-crystalline copolymers containing charge transfer groups
1992: Amphitropic Liquid Crystals: The Influence of a Cyanobiphenyl Moiety on the Mesophase Properties of Cationic Surfactants
1992: Amphitropic liquid crystals: two lamellar phases in a surfactant containing thermotropic and lyotropic mesogenic groups
1992: Aspects of the Synthesis and Transitional Properties of Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers Derived from Poly(Styrene)
1992: Copper(II) Pentacosadiynoate: A Polymerisable Discotic Mesogen with Unusual Liquid Crystalline and Solid-State Ultrastructures
1992: Cyclic Trimeric Liquid Crystals
1992: Effects of the Inclusion of Ferrocene into Liquid-Crystalline Molecules
1992: In Search of Amphitropic Materials
1992: Low Molar Mass Liquid-Crystalline Glasses
1992: Low molar mass liquid-crystalline glasses: preparation and properties of the .alpha.-(4-cyanobiphenyl-4'-oxy)- .omega. -(1-pyreniminebenzylidene-4'-oxy)alkanes
1992: Structure Property Relationships in Side-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Homo- and Co-Polymers Derived from Poly(Styrene)
1992: The Influence of the Flexible Spacer on the Transitional Behaviour of Dimeric Liquid Crystals
1992: The Lyotropic and Thermotropic Behaviour of some Novel Liquid-Crystalline Materials
1992: The Virtual Trimer Model - A New Molecular Interpretation of the Stabilization of Liquid Crystallinity in Side-Chain Polymers
1992: Two Lamellar Phases in Cyanobiphenyl Substituted Cationic Surfactants
1993: Comparison of the mesogenic properties of monomeric, dimeric, and side-chain polymeric liquid crystals
1993: Dependence of the transitional properties of polystyrene-based side-chain liquid - crystalline polymers on the chemical nature of the mesogenic group
1993: Effect of backbone flexibility on the transitional properties of side-chain liquid - crystalline polymers
1993: Self-organizing polymers in technology
1993: Ultrastructure studies of polystyrene-based side-chain liquid -crystalline copolymers containing charge transfer groups
1994: Nonsymmetric dimeric liquid crystals. The preparation and properties of the .alpha.-(4-cyanobiphenyl-4'-yloxy)'-oxy)alkanes
1994: Side-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Copolymers. 2. Polystyrene-Based Side-Chain Polymers Containing Nitroazobenzene
1994: The effect of molecular wt. on the thermal properties of polystyrene-based sidechain liquid-crystalline polymers
1997: U-shaped dimeric liquid crystals derived from phthalic acid
1998: Inorganic nanostructures from lyotropic liquid crystal phases
1999: A generic approach to electrodes with novel controllable continuous nanoarchitectures
2000: Influence of Added Electrolytes on the Lyotropic Phase Behavior of Triethylammoniodecyloxycyanobiphenyl Bromide (OCB-C10NEt3Br)
2000: Lyotropic Phase Behavior of Triethylammoniodecyloxycyanobiphenyl Bromide and the Influence of Added Thermotropic Mesogens
2004: Optical properties of mesoporous II-VI semiconductor compound films
2005: Birefringent cadmium–telluride-based metamaterial
2006: Non-symmetric dimeric liquid crystals The preparation and properties of the {\f1 a}-(4-cyanobiphenyl-4'-yloxy)-{\f1 w}- (4-n-alkylanilinebenzylidene-4'-oxy)alkanes


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