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Atovmyan, L.O.


Aldoshin, S.M.;   Alfimov, M.V.;   Alimova, L.L.;   Anisimova, T.N.;   Bolotin, B.M.;   Filipenko, O.S.;   Kaminsky, V.F.;   Ponomarev, V.I.;   Rachinsky, A.G.;   Razumov, V.F.;   Safina, Z.S.;   Safina, Z.Sh.;   Shigorin, V.D.;   Tarnopol'skii, B.L.

Publication Titles

1977: Crystal structure and nonlinear optical properties of monoclinic {\i p}-nitro-{\i p}'-methylbenzylideneaniline
1978: Crystal and molecular structure of deuterated azoxyphenetole
1979: Crystal structures of nematogenic p-ethoxy- and p-propoxysalicylidene-p'-butylanilines
1984: Concomitant Photochemical and Phase Rearrangements 2. Luminescent and X-Ray Studies on Photochemistry of Cis- and Trans-1,2-Di-(1 -Naphthyl)ethylenes in the Crystalline State
1985: The molecular and crystal structure of the mesogenic organic luminophor 3-(4-ethoxyphenyl)-7-nonyloxycoumarin phosphor
1989: Effect of intermolecular interactions on the formation of a mesophase in 3-aryl-7-substituted coumarins and crystal structures of 3-(4'-butyl)- and (4'-heptylphenyl)-7-propoxycoumarins


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