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Aswal, V.K.


Bahadur, P.;   Dey, Joykrishna;   Ghosh, Goutam;   Ghosh, Sampad;   Goyal, P.S.;   Hassan, P.A.;   Kaler, Eric W.;   Khatua, Dibyendu;   Kohlbrecher, J.;   Kulshreshtha, S.K.;   Verma, Gunjan

Publication Titles

2001: SANS study of salt induced micellization in PEO–PPO–PEO block copolymers
2003: Selective counterion condensation in ionic micellar solutions
2008: Adsorbed Anthranilic Acid Molecules Cause Charge Reversal of Nonionic Micelles
2008: Physicochemical Properties and Microstructure Formation of the Surfactant Mixtures of Sodium N-(2-(n-Dodecylamino)ethanoyl)-l-alaninate and SDS in Aqueous Solutions

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