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Assanto, Gaetano

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Assanto, G.


Alberucci, Alessandro;   Brzdakiewicz, Kasia A.;   Brzdakiewicz, Katarzyna A.;   Buccoliero, Daniel;   Conti, Claudio;   DeRossi, Alfredo;   Desyatnikov, Anton S.;   Di Falco, Andrea;   Dyadyusha, Andriy;   Fratalocchi, Andrea;   Kaczmarek, Malgosia;   Karpierz, Mirek A.;   Karpierz, Miroslaw A.;   Khoo, Iam-Choon;   Marchant, T.R.;   Marchant, Timothy R.;   Minzoni, Antonmaria A.;   Nowinowski-Kruszelnicki, Edward;   Pasquazi, Alessia;   Peccianti, Marco;   Piccardi, Armando;   Smyth, Noel F.;   Umeton, Cesare;   Worthy, Annette L.;   de Luca, Antonio

Publication Titles

2001: Two-dimensional spatial solitons in nematic liquid crystals
2002: All-optical switching and logic gating with spatial solitons in liquid crystals
2003: Optical modulational instability in a nonlocal medium
2003: Route to Nonlocality and Observation of Accessible Solitons
2004: Frequency generation within the forbidden band gap: All optical Rabi-like splitting in photonic crystals and microcavities
2004: Observation of Optical Spatial Solitons in a Highly Nonlocal Medium
2004: Routing of anisotropic spatial solitons and modulational instability in liquid crystals
2005: All-optical switching and beam steering in tunable waveguide arrays
2005: All-optical switching in a liquid crystalline waveguide
2005: Bloch oscillations in nematic liquid crystalline waveguide arrays
2005: Signal processing by opto-optical interactions between self-localized and free propagating beams in liquid crystals
2006: Discrete Light Propagation and Self-Localization in Voltage-Controlled Arrays of Channel Waveguides in Undoped Nematic Liquid Crystals
2006: Tunable refraction and reflection of self-confined light beams
2006: Two-Color Vector Solitons In Nonlocal Media
2007: Nonlinear management of the angular momentum of soliton clusters: Theory and experiment
2007: Nonspecular Total Internal Reflection of Spatial Solitons at the Interface between Highly Birefringent Media
2008: Collisionless shock resolution in nematic liquid crystals
2008: Escaping Solitons from a Trapping Potential
2008: Guiding and Routing Light with Nematicons
2008: Two-color, nonlocal vector solitary waves with angular momentum in nematic liquid crystals
2009: Modulation analysis of boundary-induced motion of optical solitary waves in a nematic liquid crystal
2009: Nematicons: self-localised beams in nematic liquid crystals
2009: Optical solitary waves escaping a wide trapping potential in nematic liquid crystals: Modulation theory
2009: Voltage-driven in-plane steering of nematicons


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