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Aslanov, M.A.


Aliev, D.F.;   Chernova, N.I.;   Loseva, M.V.;   Zeinally, A.Kh.

Publication Titles

1981: Molecular sizes and some properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals
1982: Behavior of a ferroelectric liquid crystal in variable fields
1982: Optical properties of a homolytic series of ferroelectric liquid rystals
1983: Some physicochemical properties of mixtures of smectic C-phase with cholesteryl pelargonate
1984: Electric field-induced Freedericks transition in smectic C liquid crystals
1984: Physicochemical properties of mixtures of smectic C phase with cholesteryl chloride
1986: Influence of cholesteric liquid crystals on the smectic-C phase properties


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