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Asinovskaya, D.N.


Andreeva, L.N.;   Andreeva, N.A.;   Astapenko, E.P.;   Belyaeva, E.V.;   Borisova, T.I.;   Burshtein, L.L.;   Bushin, S.V.;   Frenkel, S.Ya.;   Ginzburg, B.M.;   Glukhov, N.A.;   Grigor'ev, A.I.;   Kalyuzhnaya, L.M.;   Korshun, A.M.;   Lukasov, S.V.;   Merkur'eva, A.A.;   Nikonorova, N.A.;   Osadchev, A.Yu.;   Savenkov, A.D.;   Shamanin, V.V.;   Shepelevskij, A.A.;   Skorokhodov, S.S.;   Stepanova, T.P.;   Tsvetkov, V.N.;   Volkov, A.Ya.;   Volosatov, V.N.;   Zhukov, S.V.

Publication Titles

1987: Synthesis of segmented thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyesters
1988: Synthesis of segmental thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyesters
1993: Silicon-containing polyesters based on organosilicon dicarboxylic acids and aromatic diols
1996: Dipole moment and internal rotation in a linear polyester with silarylene bonds
1996: Dispersions of cholesteryl propionate or benzoate esters in poly(dimethylsiloxane) rubber coated on 4,4'-diaminodiphenyl ether-pyromellitic dianhydride copolymer film as high-temperature liquid-crystal heat indicators
1997: Hydrodynamic, dynamical optical, and conformational properties of para-aromatic polyesters with dimethylsiloxane links in backbone chain
1998: Effect of amide groups and polymethylene flexible spacers on the mesogenic properties of poly(silarylene)s
1998: Local intramolecular mobility in linear polyesters simulating the structure of thermotropic polymers


Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., 155, 179
Polymer, 40, 1881
SU 1.506.874 (1996/02/10)
Vysokomol. Soedin. A, 35, 237
Vysokomol. Soedin. AB, 38, 1961
Vysokomol. Soedin. AB, 39, 1376
Vysokomol. Soedin. AB, 40, 1781
Vysokomol. Soedin. B, 29, 831

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