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Aserin, Abraham

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Aserin, A.


Amar-Yuli, Idit;   Antalek, Brian;   Ben Ishai, Paul;   Danino, Dganit;   Efrat, Rivka;   Garti, Nissim;   Hoffman, Roy E.;   Kesselman, Ellina;   Kogan, Anna;   Libster, Dima;   Moshe, Hagai;   Raviv, Uri;   Shalev, Deborah E.;   Shoham, Gil;   Shoshan, Einav Ben;   Wachtel, Ellen;   Yaghmur, Anan;   Yariv, Doron

Publication Titles

2003: Microstructure Considerations of New Five-Component Winsor IV Food-Grade Microemulsions Studied by Pulsed Gradient Spin-Echo NMR, Conductivity, and Viscosity
2007: Hexosome and Hexagonal Phases Mediated by Hydration and Polymeric Stabilizer
2007: Thermally Induced Fluid Reversed Hexagonal (HII) Mesophase
2008: Effect of Sodium Diclofenac Loads on Mesophase Components and Structure
2008: From the Microscopic to the Mesoscopic Properties of Lyotropic Reverse Hexagonal Liquid Crystals
2008: Low Viscosity Reversed Hexagonal Mesophases Induced by Hydrophilic Additives
2008: Solubilization of Nutraceuticals into Reverse Hexagonal Mesophases
2009: Concentration- and Temperature-Induced Effects of Incorporated Desmopressin on the Properties of Reverse Hexagonal Mesophase
2009: Formation and Characterization of Ordered Bicontinuous Microemulsions
2009: Solubilization of Hydrophobic Guest Molecules in the Monoolein Discontinuous QL Cubic Mesophase and Its Soft Nanoparticles
2009: Solubilization of food bioactives within lyotropic liquid crystalline mesophases


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