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Asaoka, Keizo

Alternative Writings

Asaoka, K.


Hikita, Toshihiko;   Sekiguchi, Yasuhiro

Publication Titles

1997: Manufacture of liquid crystal display substrates
1997: Phase shift film with transparent conductive layer
1998: LCD plastic substrate with transparent conductive film
1998: Plastic films with transparent electroconductive films for display devices and manufacture thereof
1998: Transparent conductive plastic films for liquid crystal display touch panels
1999: Plastic films having a transparent electrically conductive layer and protective film layers with reduced warpage and heat shrinkage and good dimensional stability


JP 09.166.778 (1997/06/24)
JP 09.189.900 (1997/07/22)
JP 10.067.062 (1998/03/10)
JP 10.208.555 (1998/08/07)
JP 10.323.931 (1998/12/08)
JP 11.268.168 (1999/10/05)

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