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Arumugam, S.


Bhat, S.V.;   Khetrapal, C.L.;   Kumar, N.;   Kunwar, A.C.;   Ramanathan, K.V.;   Srinivasan, R.;   Suryaprakash, N.

Publication Titles

1981: Molecular structure and the indirect spin-spin coupling constants in azulene. A proton NMR study in the nematic phase
1982: NMR spectrum of benzo[b]furan in a nematic phase
1982: NMR spectrum of pyridine-N-oxide in a thermotropic nematic phase
1984: NMR investigations on di- and triazanaphthalenes oriented in liquid crystals
1984: Structure of dibenzofuran and dibenzothiophene: proton NMR study in nematic phases
1984: The NMR spectrum of anthranil oriented in a nematic phase
1984: The conformation of (.mu.-butatriene)hexacarbonyldiiron complex from proton NMR studies in three nematic phases
1984: The use of two nematic solvents in the determination of molecular structure of systems providing deceptively simple spectra
1985: NMR and x-ray investigations of a plastic crystalline phase in MBBA
1985: Observation of a plastic crystalline phase in solid MBBA


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