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Aroulanda, Christie

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Aroulanda, C.


Boucard, Valerie;   Campagne, Jean-Marc;   Courtieu, Jacques;   Dong, Ronald Y.;   Guibe, Francois;   Lafon, Olivier;   Lesot, Philippe;   Luz, Zeev;   Merlet, Denis;   Parenty, Arnaud;   Sarfati, Muriel

Publication Titles

2001: Investigation of the enantioselectivity of three polypeptide liquid - crystalline solvents using NMR spectroscopy
2001: NMR Experimental Evidence of the Differentiation of Enantiotopic Directions in Cs and C2v Molecules Using Partially Oriented, Chiral Media
2002: Routine Use of Natural Abundance Deuterium NMR in a Polypeptidic Chiral Oriented Solvent for the Determination of the Enantiomeric Composition of Chiral Building Blocks
2003: Structural Ambiguities Revisited in Two Bridged Ring Systems Exhibiting Enantiotopic Elements, Using Natural Abundance Deuterium NMR in Chiral Liquid Crystals
2003: Weakly oriented liquid-crystal NMR solvents as a general tool to determine relative configurations
2008: 2H NMR studies on two homopolypeptide lyotropic enantiodiscriminating mesophases: experimental quantification of solute-fiber affinities
2009: Analysis of enantiotopic discrimination in the NMR spectra of prochiral solutes in chiral liquid crystals by symmetry factorization of the Saupe ordering matrix
2009: Enantiodiscrimination of Flexible Cyclic Solutes Using NMR Spectroscopy in Polypeptide Chiral Mesophases: Investigation of cis-Decalin and THF


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