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Arora, S.L.

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Arora, Sardari L.


Bravo, N.;   Dasgupta, A.M.;   David, D.J.;   Doane, J.W.;   Fergason, J.L.;   Palffy-Muhoray, Peter;   Saupe, Alfred;   Taylor, T.R.;   Vaz, N.A.;   Vaz, N.A.P.;   Vora, R.A.;   Ziemnicka, B.;   de Vries, Adriaan

Publication Titles

1969: Liquid-crystal polymorphism in bis(4-n-alkoxybenzal)-1,4-phenylenediamines
1969: N.M.R. study of molecular configuration and order in a fluorinated-liquid-crystalline Schiff base
1970: Biaxial liquid crystals
1970: Polymorphism of Smectic Phases with Smectic A Morphology
1970: Temperature-dependent tilt angle in the smectic C phase of a liquid crystal
1971: Effects of molecular geometry formation of smectic phases
1984: Mesomorphic behavior of some new fluorene compounds
1984: Synthesis of some new fluorine esters with mesomorphic behaviour
1985: Studies on the smectic phase of some Schiff's bases with a terminal trifluoromethyl group
1985: Synthesis of some new fluorene esters with mesomorphic behavior
1986: A mixture-induced nematic phase
1989: Reentrant phenomena in cyano substituted biphenyl esters containing flexible spacers


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