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Arnold, M.

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Arnold, Manfred;   Arnold, Matthew


Fischer, H.;   Frank, W.;   Höhne, G.W.H.;   Poser, S.;   Poster, S.;   Reussner, J.;   Utschick, H.;   Wegner, T.;   Wohlfarth, L.

Publication Titles

1994: On the Influence of the Morphological Structure on the Liquid Crystalline Behavior of Liquid Crystalline Side Chain Block Copolymers
1995: Liquid Crystalline Side Group Block Copolymers with n-Butyl Methacrylate as an Amorphous A-Block: Synthesis and Characterization
1995: On the Interaction of the Morphological Structure and the LC Behaviour of LC Side Group Block Copolymers
1995: On the interaction of the morphological structure and the LC behavior of LC side group block copolymers
1996: DSC studies of butadiene/olefin co- and terpolymers and their hydrogenation products
1996: Liquid crystalline side group block copolymers with a uniform polymer backbone
1996: Liquid crystalline side-group block copolymers with triblock structure: investigations on the influence of the block arrangement on the morphology and the LC-phase behavior
1998: LC side group block and graft copolymers - synthesis and structure/property relationships


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