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Armstrong, Robert C.

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Armstrong, R.C.


Bornside, David E.;   Brown, Robert A.;   Colhoun, Frederick L.;   Gopinath, Arvind;   Green, Micah J.;   Ramalingam, Suresh;   Rutledge, Gregory C.

Publication Titles

1993: Analysis of isothermal spinning of liquid-crystalline polymers
1995: A finite-element model to predict structure development in spinneret flow of liquid-crystalline polymers
2001: Orientation Relaxation in Sheared Polystyrene Melts Measured by 13C SMAS-DECODER NMR
2004: Observations on the eigenspectrum of the linearized Doi equation with application to numerical simulations of liquid crystal suspensions
2007: Nonhomogeneous shear flow in concentrated liquid-crystalline solutions


Annu. Tech. Conf. - Soc. Plast. Eng., 53rd, 2590
J. Chem. Phys., 121, 6093
J. Rheol., 37, 1141
Macromolecules, 34, 6670
Phys. Fluids, 19, 111702

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