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Armentano, S.

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Armentano, Salvatore


Bartolino, R.;   Benassi, P.;   Bruno, G.;   Francescangeli, O.;   Ghedini, M.;   Kirov, N.;   Licoccia, S.;   Morrone, S.;   Nenova, S.;   Neve, F.;   Nicoletta, F.P.;   Pagnotta, M.C.;   Pellegrino, C.;   Petrov, M.;   Ricci, M.A.;   Rustichelli, F.;   Scaramuzza, N.;   Torquati, G.;   Versace, C.C.;   de Munno, G.

Publication Titles

1984: Transition metal complexes with ordered mesophases: cyclopalladated compounds of (p-ethoxyphenylazo)-p-phenyl heptanoate
1986: Synthesis and characterization of bis[salicylideneaminato] palladium(II) complexes. Molecular structure of bis[N-(n-butyl)(3-benzyloxy)-2-salicylideneaminato]palladium(II), [Pd(C18H20NO2)2]
1987: New liquid crystalline compounds containing transition metals
1987: X-ray diffractometric study on a Schiff base copper(II) complex with mesomorphic properties
1988: Synthesis and characterization of binuclear cyclopalladated p-alkoxyphenylazo complexes: preparation of new mesogenic materials
1988: Texture and calorimetric investigations of some new copper(II) coordination compounds with mesomorphic properties
1990: Textural and calorimetric investigations on a homologous series of mesogenic azo compounds complexed with palladium(II)
1990: X-ray investigations on a homologous series of N-(4-alkoxysalicylidene)-4'-alkylanilines complexed to copper(II)
1991: QENS experiments on the copper liquid crystalline coordination compounds (DOBBA)2Cu
1993: Crystal and molecular structure of the mesogenic complex bis[N-4-(n-propyl)phenyl-4'-(n-dodecyloxy)salicylideniminato]copper( II)


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