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Aristov, V.L.

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Arisov, V.L.;   Aristov, Veaceslav L.


Aliev, D.F.;   Fagerberg, R.;   Farrand, F.J.;   Farrand, Fiona J.;   Holm, K.H.;   Holm, Kjetil H.;   Johnsen, L.;   Koryaev, E.N.;   Kristiansen, C.;   Kurchatkin, S.P.;   Mitrokhin, M.V.;   Mitrokhin, V.V.;   Netland, K.;   Netland, Kjetil;   Palm, R.;   Palm, Rune;   Sevost'yanov, V.P.;   Sevostyanov, V.P.;   Tomilin, M.G.

Publication Titles

1991: Electroocoustic effect in liquid crystals
1991: Operating characterization of a smectic A LCD
1995: Nonstationary cumulative damage model for lifetime analysis of liquid-crystal displays
1997: Electrohydrodynamic Formation of the Focal Conic LC Domains
1997: The Controlled Electric Field Light Scattering of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Displays
1997: The Fringe Optical Distortion of LCD Pixels
1998: Electrohydrodynamic formation of liquid crystal focal conic domains
1998: Field controlled light scattering from polymer-dispersed liquid crystal displays
1998: Liquid-crystal displays based on the electrically controllable light-scattering effect in smectic A liquid crystals
1998: Selective light reflection from the liquid crystal with a distributed helical pitch
1999: Polymer-dispersed smectic A liquid crystals for light control application
2001: Influence of Mechanical Deformation on Electrooptical Properties of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals Films
2002: Prevention of Smectic-A LC Mixtures Electrolytic Degradation
2004: Prevention of Smectic-A LC Mixtures Electrolytic Degradation


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