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Aranson, Igor S.

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Aranson, I.S.;   Aranson, Igor


Kramer, Lorenz;   Tsimring, Lev S.;   Volfson, Dmitri;   Weber, Andreas

Publication Titles

1993: Theory of interaction and bound states of spiral waves in oscillatory media
2002: The world of the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation
2003: Model of coarsening and vortex formation in vibrated granular rods
2003: Partially fluidized shear granular flows: Continuum theory and molecular dynamics simulations
2004: Stick-slip dynamics of a granular layer under shear


Phys. Rev. E, 47, 3231
Phys. Rev. E, 67, 021305
Phys. Rev. E, 68, 021301
Phys. Rev. E, 69, 031302
Rev. Mod. Phys., 74, 99

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