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Arakelyan, S.M.

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Arakelian, S.M.


Akopyan, S.A.;   Alaverdyan, R.B.;   Alodyants, A.P.;   Alodzhants, A.P.;   Arushanyan, L.E.;   Aslanyan, L.S.;   Cheung, M.M.;   Chilingaryan, Yu.S.;   Chirkin, Anatolii S.;   Dallakyan, A.Yu.;   Darbin, S.D.;   Drnoyan, V.E.;   Drnoyan, V.É.;   Durbin, S.D.;   Egibyan, A.V.;   Eritsyan, O.S.;   Galstyan, N.V.;   Galstyan, S.R.;   Galstyan, T.V.;   Garibyan, O.V.;   Gerke, M.N.;   Gevorkyan, L.P.;   Grigorian, G.L.;   Grigoryan, G L.;   Grigoryan, G.L.;   Karayan, A.S.;   Karn, A.;   Kazaryan, R.A.;   Kazaryan, V.R.;   Kechiyants, A.M.;   Kocharyan, L.M.;   Kochikyan, R.V.;   Lyakhov, G.A.;   Lyakhov, Gennadii A.;   Makarov, B.A.;   Makarov, V.A.;   Nersisyan, S.Ts.;   Nshanyan, M.A.;   Oganyan, A.A.;   Ong, H.L.;   Pakhalov, V.B.;   Papazyan, T.A.;   Shen, I.R.;   Shen, Yuen-Ron;   Smirnova, T.N.;   Svirko, Yu.P.;   Tabiryan, N.V.

Publication Titles

1975: Laser interferometric measurement of the turbulence time of liquid crystals
1977: Efficiency of nonlinear radiation conversion by phase-matched third harmonic generation in a cholesteric liquid crystal
1977: Spatial coherence of laser radiation transmitted by a liquid crystal near its phase transition to the isotropic liquid state
1978: Generation of second harmonic in liquid crystals; symmetry of molecules and macroscopic nonlinearity
1978: Thermal excitation of preferred orientation of cylindrical domains in a nematic liquid crystal
1980: Generation of the second harmonic in a nematic liquid crystal
1980: Nonlinear optics of liquid crystals
1980: Optical characteristics of a layer of cholesteric liquid crystal between dielectric plates of finite thickness and analysis for a filled Fabry-Perot resonator
1980: Strong effects of nonlinear optical activity in the nematic phase of a liquid crystal
1981: Fabry-Perot interferometer with a cholesteric liquid crystal
1981: Fluctuations in a nematic liquid crystal in light scattering experiments; a correlation at the phase transition temperature to an isotropic liquid
1981: Non-centrosymmetry of nematic liquid crystals; manifestation in experiments on generation of the second optical harmonic
1981: Passage of light through a cholesteric liquid crystal in a three-layer plate
1981: Second harmonic generation in nematic liquid crystals: effect of molecular symmetry, nonlinear susceptibility and phase-matching
1982: Adiabatic and nonadiabatic distortions of modulated structures induced by a laser field in nematic liquid crystals
1982: Ordering and transparency of nematic liquid crystals; experimental observation of the reorientation of molecules in a laser field; light-induced stabilization of fluctuations
1982: Orientation effects in the mesophase in a short-laser-impulse field; accumulation of nonlinearity
1982: Orientational optical effects in the mesophase: threshold reorientation during nonadiabatic deformations. Accumulation of nonlinearity
1982: Strong four-wave interaction accompanied by a wave-front reversal in a nematic liquid crystal
1983: Dynamics of a nonlinear Fabry-Perot cavity with a nematic liquid crystal
1983: Experimental study of strong nonlinear optical effects in liquid crystals
1983: Generation of second harmonics in nematic liquid crystals -nonlinear susceptibilities, structural aspects, statistical phenomena
1983: Light-induced threshold reorientation of the director in a nematic during nonadiabatic deformations
1983: Self-modulation of light waves in homotropically oriented nematic liquid crystals
1984: Fredericks transition in nematic liquid crystals in static and light fields - common characteristics
1984: Light-induced bulk noncentrosymmetry of nematic liquid crystals -flexoelectric mechanism of second harmonic generation
1984: Nonlinear optical effect of the appearance of higher-order reflection from a cholesteric liquid crystal under normal light incidence
1985: Experiments on the optical bistability in a nonlinear system with distributed feedback
1985: Optical bistability during excitation of surface plasmons at a metal - nematic liquid crystal interface
1986: Bleaching of optically inhomogeneous medium stimulated by light and optical bistability
1986: Dynamic self-diffraction effects in liquid crystals
1986: Fluctuations and scattering of light in nematic liquid crystals during phase transitions in external fields
1986: Internal optical bistability at light-induced structural phase transition in a nematic liquid crystal
1986: Light scattering during magnetic-field-induced threshold reorientation in a nematic liquid crystal
1986: Light-induced orientation effects in the photosemiconductor/nematic liquid crystal system
1986: Observation of internal optical bistability in a photoconductor-nematic liquid crystal system
1986: Optical bistability in liquid crystals: surface effects, distributed feedback systems, nonlinear scattering, nonlinear Fabry-Perot resonators
1987: Excitation of nonlinear surface electromagnetic waves and optical bistability in experiments on a planar liquid crystal system
1987: Instabilities and stochasticity in the experiments on director reorientation induced by light in liquid crystals
1987: Light-induced orientation effects in a "photosemiconductor-nematic liquid crystal" nonlinear system
1987: Measurement of third-order optical nonlinearity of a liquid crystal based on excitation of surface electromagnetic waves
1987: Nonlinear dispersion of surface electromagnetic waves excited in the system prism-metal plate-nematic liquid crystal
1987: Observation of time instabilities during dynamic self-diffraction of light in an anisotropic inhomogeneous medium
1987: Optical bistability multi-stability, and instability in liquid crystals
1988: Internal optical multistability and instability in distributed-feedback systems based on liquid crystals
1988: Light-induced phase transitions and intrinsic OB and instabilities in liquid crystals
1989: Light-induced modulated structures, intrinsic optical multistability and instabilities for the competitive wave interactions in liquid crystals
1990: Competitive wave interactions and instabilities in an anisotropic medium with threshold high nonlinearity; the role of molecular fluctuations
1990: Experimental demonstration of large aperture compression of short laser pulses in Bragg - resonance condition
1990: New laser media based on microporous glasses
1991: Formation of light squeezed states under dynamic scattering in a periodic medium
1991: Liquid-crystal transparency for the wide-aperture compression of picosecond laser pulses and obtaining of the spectrally-limited radiation
1991: Squeezed polarization states and intensity correlations during light diffraction by a cholesteric liquid crystal; spectral-temporal analogy. II
1991: Squeezed polarization states and photon antibunching in nonlinear selective reflection of light from a cholesteric liquid crystal
1991: Zero-angle scattering of light in oriented organic liquids; classical and quantum states for both linear and nonlinear scattering
1992: Nonlinear optical effects and "frozen" structures in liquid-crystal photopolymerizing composites
1992: Observation of light-induced hydrodynamic instabilitiesin a nematic liquid crystal in a single-mode laser beam
1992: Transverse effects and perturbations of space-time instabilities during laser interaction with radially oriented nematic liquid crystals in optical capillaries
1993: Wave competition and temporal instabilities at the threshold for laser excitation of bulk anisotropy gratings in a nematic liquid crystal: numerical simulation and comparison with experiment
1997: Study of heterogeneities induced by laser radiation in anisotropic liquids


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