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Arakelian, S.M.

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Arakelian, Sergei M.;   Arakelyan, S.M.


Alaverdian, R.B.;   Alodjants, A.P.;   Cheung, M.M.;   Chilingarian, Yu.S.;   Dove, D.B.;   Drnoian, V.E.;   Drnoyan, V.E.;   Durbin, S.D.;   Galstian, T.V.;   Galstyan, T.V.;   Gerke, M.N.;   Gevorkian, L.P.;   Grigorian, G.L.;   Hoffmann, R.;   Hurd, A.J.;   Jansen, S.A.;   Karaian, A.S.;   Karn, A.J.;   Kocharian, L.M.;   Langbein, U.;   Lederer, F.;   Leksin, A.Yu.;   Makarov, B.A.;   Meyer, Robert B.;   Nersissian, S.Ts.;   Ong, H.L.;   Papazian, T.A.;   Prokhorov, A.V.;   Sanda, P.N.;   Shen, Y.-R.;   Trutschel, U.

Publication Titles

1981: Laser-induced diffraction rings from a nematic liquid crystal film
1981: Optical-field-induced birefringence and Freedericksz transition in a nematic liquid crystal
1982: Strong optical diffraction in a nematic liquid crystal with high nonlinearity
1983: Highly nonlinear optical effects in liquid crystals
1986: Excitation of nonlinear surface electromagnetic waves in the prism-metal film-nematic liquid crystal system
1986: Observation of magnetic-field-induced first-order optical Freedericksz transition in a nematic film
1989: Light-induced modulated structures, intrinsic optical multistability and instabilities for the competitive wave interactions in liquid crystals
1990: Large-aperture compression of picosecond laser pulses and bandwidth-limited radiation arising in a spatially periodic medium: theory and experiment
1990: Optical bistability due to nonlinear resonance in thin surface transition layer of the ATR system
1990: Progress in linear optics, nonlinear optics and surface alignment of liquid crystals
1993: All-optical excitation of dynamic spatial structures and hydrodynamic flows in a oriented anisotropic liquid with long-range interactions by a single-mode laser beam; theory and experiment
1993: Observation of light-induced hydrodynamic instabilities in a nematic liquid crystal for a single-mode laser beam
1993: Photon statistics, classical and quantum fluctuations of scattered light in an optical anisotropic (ordered) liquid
1994: Stochastic processes in a nonlinear Kerr-like ordered liquid. Light-induced multidimensional structures and instabilities
1995: 3D-structures and laser-induced dynamic self-organization processes in an organic medium with a long range interaction
1996: Self-induced oscillations and asymmetry of the light angular spectrum in a dye doped nematic
1997: Laser - induced instabilities in anisotropic liquids
1998: Quantum Stochasticity in the Stokes Parameters of Light, Polarization, Switching and Procedure of Nondemolition Measurements of Distributed Feedback Systems
2002: Quantum limit for observation of self-switching effect of light in nonlinear spatially inhomogeneous optical system


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