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Arai, Y.

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Arai, I.;   Arai, Yasuyuki;   Arai, Yoji;   Arai, Yoshi;   Arai, Yoshihiro;   Arai, Yoshihisa;   Arai, Yoshito;   Arai, Youichiro;   Arai, Yousuke;   Arai, Yujin;   Arai, Yuko;   Arai, Yushi;   Arai, Yutaka


Hamada, T.;   Saito, F.;   Sato, T.;   Shinohara, A.H.;   Tomioka, T.

Publication Titles

1993: A novel method for measuring direct compressive properties of carbon fibers using a micro-mechanical compression tester
1995: Pitch-based carbon fibers derived from thermoset fibers oxidized with Cl{\sub 2} containing air

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