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Arai, Susumu

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Arai, S.


Eguchi, Toshimasa;   Tanaka, Junji

Publication Titles

1998: Conductive laminating film for film liquid crystal display
1998: Electrically conductive laminated film for liquid crystal display device
1998: Electrically conductive laminated films with flexibility and toughness
1998: Manufacture of heat-resistant thermoplastic optical films
1999: Electrically conductive and transparent films with good gas impermeability, impact resistance, and flexibility
2000: Production method for thermoplastic polymer sheet and optical sheet


JP 10.000.717 (1998/01/06)
JP 10.026.751 (1998/01/27)
JP 10.026.753 (1998/01/27)
JP 10.086.208 (1998/04/07)
JP 11.149.826 (1999/06/02)
WO 2000.048.820 (2000/08/24)

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