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April, Ernest W.

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April, E.W.


Aldoroty, Robert A.;   Brandt, Philip W.;   Elliott, Gerald F.;   Garty, Nira B.;   Hawkins, Raymond J.

Publication Titles

1972: Myofilament lattice. Isolated fibers. II. Effects of osmotic strength, ionic concentration, and pH upon the unit-cell volume
1975: Liquid-crystalline characteristics of the thick filament lattice of striated muscle
1978: Liquid crystalline contractile apparatus in striated muscle
1981: X-ray measurements of the bulk modulus of the myofilament liquid crystal in striated muscle
1983: The planar deformation behavior of skinned striated muscle fibers
1984: Donnan potentials from striated muscle liquid crystals. A-band and I-band measurements
1985: Donnan potentials from striated muscle liquid crystals. Sarcomere length dependence


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