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Aomori, Shigeru

Alternative Writings

Aomori, S.


Maruyama, Tomoko;   Mitsuhashi, Kazunori;   Mitsui, Seiichi;   Nakatani, Yoshinori;   Tanaka, Atsushi

Publication Titles

1996: Color liquid crystal display with improved brightness
1997: Full-color liquid-crystal display device and fabrication process therefor
1997: Liquid-crystal display device having polymer walls functioning as black matrixes and the manufacture
1997: Thin-film transistor for liquid-crystal display and fabrication thereof
1998: Liquid-crystal display device and fabrication process thereof
1998: Semiconductor thin-film device and fabrication thereof
1998: Thin-film transistor and fabrication thereof
1998: Thin-film transistor for liq.-crystal display and fabrication thereof
1999: Reflective-type liquid crystal display device having reflective electrode formed without heating step and process for manufacture thereof
1999: Thin-film two-terminal device and its production method.


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