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Aoki, H.

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Aoki, Hidemitsu;   Aoki, Hironori;   Aoki, Hiroshi;   Aoki, Hiroyuki;   Aoki, Hisashi;   Aoki, N.


Arita, R.;   Coffin, D.R.;   Fellers, J.F.;   Hancock, T.A.;   Harwood, D.;   Koide, N.;   Lenk, R.S.;   Matsuo, Y.;   Mihara, T.;   Nakamura, E.;   Okada, S.;   Oshiyama, A.;   White, J.L.

Publication Titles

1978: Synthesis, characterization, rheological, and fiber formation studies of p-linked aromatic polyamides
2004: Electronic structure of stacked C60 shuttlecocks
2004: Synthesis and thermal properties of twin dimers containing cyanostilbene groups as a mesogenic group

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