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Antonietti, M.

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Antonietti, Markus


Adelhelm, P.;   Berton, B.;   Boeffel, Christine;   Burger, C.;   Camerel, F.;   Caruso, R.A.;   Chuenchom, L.;   Conrad, J.;   Cölfen, H.;   Dreja, M.;   Fan, L.-Z.;   Faul, C.;   Faul, C.F.J.;   Floudas, G.;   Förster, S.;   General, S.;   Guan, Y.;   Göltner, C.G.;   Hartmann, J.;   Hentze, H.-P.;   Hentze, H.P.;   Hore, S.;   Hu, Y.-S.;   Krämer, E.;   Landfester, K.;   Lindner, P.;   Maier, J.;   Micha, M.A.;   Oestreich, S.;   Smarsly, B.;   Smarsly, B.M.;   Spiess, H.W.;   Thomas, A.;   Thünemann, A.;   Tongcher, O.;   Wiesner, U.;   Yu, S.-H.

Publication Titles

1990: Dynamics of Optical Storage Processes in Liquid Crystalline Side Group Polymers
1994: Polyelectrolyte-Surfactant Complexes: A New Type of Solid, Mesomorphous Material
1996: Synthesis of sponge-like polymer dispersions via polymerization of bicontinuous microemulsions
1997: Novel fluorinated block copolymers for the construction of ultra-low energy surfaces and as dispersion stabilizers in solvents with low cohesion energy
1998: Characterization of two new stable block copolymer mesophases by synchrotron small-angle scattering
1999: Lyotropic Mesophases of Poly(ethylene oxide)-b-poly(butadiene) Diblock Copolymers and Their Cross-Linking To Generate Ordered Gels
2000: Amphiphilic block copolymers: lyotropic phase behavior and their use in morphosynthesis
2000: Dielectric relaxation in poly(styrene-b-butadiene) copolymers with perfluorinated side chains
2001: Lyotropic Phase Morphologies of Amphiphilic Block Copolymers
2002: Biomimetic Crystallization of Calcium Carbonate Spherules with Controlled Surface Structures and Sizes by Double-Hydrophilic Block Copolymers
2002: Silica Films with Bimodal Pore Structure Prepared by Using Membranes as Templates and Amphiphiles as Porogens
2003: Ionic Self-Assembly: Facile Synthesis of Supramolecular Materials
2003: Ionic self assembly as a route towards highly ordered LC nanostructures with new architecture
2003: Liquid crystal nanoparticles by emulsion approach
2003: Silica Nanocasting of Simple Cellulose Derivatives: Towards Chiral Pore Systems with Long-Range Order and Chiral Optical Coatings
2007: Generation of Hierarchical Meso- and Macroporous Carbon from Mesophase Pitch by Spinodal Decomposition using Polymer Templates
2007: High Electroactivity of Polyaniline in Supercapacitors by Using a Hierarchically Porous Carbon Monolith as a Support
2007: Synthesis of Hierarchically Porous Carbon Monoliths with Highly Ordered Microstructure and Their Application in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries with High-Rate Capability


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