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Antipov, Oleg L.

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Antipov, O.L.


Bespalov, V.I.;   Betin, A.A.;   Chausov, Dmitry V.;   Kuzhelev, A.S.;   Kuzhelev, Alexander S.;   Turygin, V.V.;   Zinoviev, Andrey P.

Publication Titles

1989: Self-diffraction of CO2 laser radiation in nematic liquid crystals near a nematic-isotropic liquid phase transition
1992: Instability of counterpropagating homogeneous laser beams in media with a local slow-response nonlinearity
1994: Optimisation of phase-conjugating mirrors made of nematic liquid crystals in a two-pass laser amplifier
1995: Self-pumped phase conjugation of laser beams in a nematic liquid-crystal layer with nonreciprocal feedback
2000: Self-starting laser with a nonlinear liquid crystal mirror


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