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Anthore, R.

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Anthore, Rene


Auvray, X.;   Bostel, F.;   Dupuy, C.;   Ekiel-Jezewska, M.L.;   Feuillebois, F.;   Lattes, A.;   Lecoq, N.;   Louvet, S.;   Marti, M.J.;   Perche, T.;   Petipas, C.;   Rico, I.;   Rico-Lattes, I.

Publication Titles

1989: X-ray diffraction study of mesophases of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide in water, formamide, and glycerol
1990: Formation of liquid-crystal phases in the binary system cetylpyridinium bromide/N-methylsydnone study by light microscopy and small-angle x-ray diffraction
1991: Structure of lyotropic phases formed by sodium dodecyl sulfate in polar solvents
1992: Influence of solvent-headgroup interactions on the formation of lyotropic liquid crystal phases of surfactants in water and nonaqueous protic and aprotic solvents
1995: X-ray Diffraction Study of the Ordered Lyotropic Phases Formed by Sugar-Based Surfactants
2001: Small-angle X-ray diffraction study of the thermotropic and lyotropic phases of five alkyl cyclic and acyclic disaccharides: Influence of the linkage between the hydrophilic and hydrophobic moieties
2002: Rotation due to hydrodynamic interactions between two spheres in contact


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