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Anoardo, E.

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Anoardo, Esteban


Acosta, R.H.;   Aguilera, C.;   Becker, S.;   Bonetto, F.;   Dong, R.Y.;   Kimmich, R.;   Mensio, O.;   Noack, F.;   Pusiol, D.;   Pusiol, D.J.;   Zamar, R.C.

Publication Titles

1992: Order Fluctuations of the Director in Thermotropic Liquid Crystals Studied by NMR Dipolar Relaxation
1994: NMR study of the T1 relaxation dispersion in the smectic mesophase of 4-chlorophenyl 4-undecyloxybenzoate
1996: 14N nuclear quadrupole dips in the proton spin-lattice relaxation dispersion in the smectic-C phase of HpAB
1997: 14N nuclear quadrupole double resonance at zero magnetic field in the smectic C and nematic mesophases of HpAB
1997: Local molecular order in the biaxial smectic mesophase of HpAB: a proton- 14N cross relaxation study
1998: Order fluctuations of the director in nematic thermotropic liquid crystals studied by nuclear magnetic resonance dipolar relaxation
2000: Nuclear quadrupole proton magnetic cross relaxation spectra analysis in a smectic A mesophase
2002: Enhancement of order fluctuations in a nematic liquid crystal by sonication
2003: Apparent low-field spin-lattice dispersion in the smectic-A mesophase of thermotropic cyanobiphenyls
2003: Spin-lattice dispersion in nematic and smectic-A mesophases in the presence of ultrasonic waves: A theoretical approach
2003: Ultrasoundľorder director fluctuations interaction in nematic liquid crystals: A nuclear magnetic resonance relaxometry study
2004: Proton field-cycling nuclear magnetic resonance relaxometry in the smectic A mesophase of thermotropic cyanobiphenyls: Effects of sonication
2005: On the role of collective and local molecular fluctuations in the relaxation of proton intrapair dipolar order in nematic 5CB
2007: Field-cycling NMR detection of magnetoacoustically manipulated nematic ordered states: Memory effects


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