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Anneser, H.

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Anneser, Hans


Bräuchle, Christoph;   Dietrich, R.;   Feiner, F.;   Kreuzer, F.H.;   Kreuzer, H.-J.;   Kummer, S.;   Leigeber, H.;   Miller, A.;   Ortler, R.;   Petri, A.;   Petti, A.;   Riepl, G.;   Weitzel, H.P.

Publication Titles

1989: Reversible Holographic-Optical Data Storage in Cholesteric Liquid-Crystalline Siloxanes
1990: Hologram Growth in Cholesteric Liquid Crystalline Polymers - Influence of the Sample Temperature on Hologram Efficiency and Photosensitivity
1993: Photoinduced reorientation of cholesteric liquid crystalline polysiloxanes and applications in optical information storage and second harmonic generation
1994: Photoinduced Generation of Noncentrosymmetric Structures in Glassy Liquid Crystalline Polysiloxanes and Their Application

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