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Anglaret, E.

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Anglaret, Eric


Brunet, M.;   Dieudonne, Ph.;   Dieudonné, P.;   Fehr, C.;   Gautier, P.;   Grupp, J.;   Noirez, L.;   Primera, J.;   Sauvajol, J.-L.;   Sauvajol, J.L.;   Woignier, T.

Publication Titles

2000: Switching behavior and electro-optical properties of liquid crystals in nematic gels
2003: Raman investigation of stable and metastable states of 4-octyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl confined in porous silica matrices
2003: Solid state polymorphism of liquid crystals in confined geometries
2003: Structure and texture of anisotropic nematic gels

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