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Angelico, Ruggero

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Angelico, R.


Carbone, Luigi;   Cardellicchio, Cosimo;   Ceglie, Andrea;   Colafemmina, Giuseppe;   Cuomo, Francesca;   Giustini, Mauro;   Lopez, Francesco;   Mascolo, Giuseppe;   Murgia, Sergio;   Olsson, Ulf;   Palazzo, Gerardo

Publication Titles

2004: The role of the cosurfactant in the CTAB/water/n-pentanol/n-hexane system: Pentanol effect on the phase equilibria and mesophase structure
2005: Biocompatible Lecithin Organogels: Structure and Phase Equilibria
2008: Catanionic Systems from Conversion of Nucleotides into Nucleo-Lipids

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