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Andrienko, Denis

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Andrienko, D.;   Andrienko, Dennis


Allen, Michael P.;   Barbet, Francoes;   Bormann, Denis;   Breiby, Dag W.;   Cheung, David L.;   Dahl, Julie;   Fedorenko, Denis;   Germano, Guido;   Glushchenko, Anatoliy;   Glushchenko, Anatoliy V.;   Grozema, Ferdinand;   Jeong, Cheol;   Kirkpatrick, James;   Kremer, Kurt;   Kurioz, Yuri;   Kurioz, Yuriy;   Kwon, Soon-Bum;   Lavrentovich, Oleg;   Lednei, Mikhailo;   Liao, Guangxun;   Marcon, Valentina;   Nelson, Jenny;   Nishikawa, Michinori;   Patwardhan, Sameer;   Petschek, Rolfe;   Pinkevich, Igor;   Pinkevich, Igor P.;   Pisula, Wojciech;   Reshetnyak, Victor;   Reshetnyak, Viktor;   Reznikov, Yuri;   Reznikov, Yuri A.;   Reznikov, Yuriy;   Rosenblatt, Charles;   Skacej, Gregor;   Subacius, Darius;   Troisi, Alessandro;   Vehoff, Thorsten;   Warenghem, Marc;   Warenghem, Mark;   West, John L.;   Yoon, Do Y.;   Zhang, Ke;   von Lilienfeld, O.A.;   Žumer, Slobodan

Publication Titles

1996: Light-induced Freedericksz transition in the nematic liquid crystal with chiral dopant in the absorbed light wave field
1996: Reverse director distributions in nematic liquid crystal cell
1997: Dynamic holographic gratings in nematic cell with periodic boundary conditions
1998: Diffraction efficiency of director gratings in a nematic cell with spatially modulated easy axis
1998: Director gratings and light diffraction in the nematic cells with spatially modulated easy axis
1998: Light-induced Freedericksz transition in a nematic liquid crystal with chiral dopant
1998: Light-induced director orientation in nematic cells with complex boundary conditions
1998: Reorientation of dye-doped liquid crystal under the action of circularly polarized light
1998: Surface-mediated director reorientation in a nematic cell to action of light
1998: Tilted photoalignment of a nematic liquid crystal induced by a magnetic field
2000: Control of the anchoring energy of rubbed polyimide layers by irradiation with depolarized UV-light
2000: Electrically controlled director slippage over a photosensitive aligning surface; in-plane sliding mode
2000: Liquid crystal director fluctuations and surface anchoring by molecular simulation
2000: Molecular simulation and theory of a liquid crystalline disclination core
2000: Slippage director of liquid crystal over photosensitive aligning surface
2001: Computer simulation of topological defects around a colloidal particle or droplet dispersed in a nematic host
2002: Defect structures and torque on an elongated colloidal particle immersed in a liquid crystal host
2002: Drag on particles in a nematic suspension by a moving nematic-isotropic interface
2002: Theory and simulation of the nematic zenithal anchoring coefficient
2004: Drag of Micro-Particles by an Extended Nematic-Isotropic Interface
2004: Mechanism of Formation of Three Dimensional Structures of Particles in a Liquid Crystal
2005: Liquid crystals as a tool for forming photonic crystals
2006: Atomistic simulation of structure and dynamics of columnar phases of hexabenzocoronene derivatives
2006: Coarse-grained interaction potentials for polyaromatic hydrocarbons
2007: Charge Mobility of Discotic Mesophases: A Multiscale Quantum and Classical Study
2008: Columnar mesophases of hexabenzocoronene derivatives. I. Phase transitions
2008: Columnar mesophases of hexabenzocoronene derivatives. II. Charge carrier mobility
2009: Charge Transport in Semiconductors with Multiscale Conformational Dynamics
2009: Understanding Structure-Mobility Relations for Perylene Tetracarboxydiimide Derivatives


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