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Andre, Jean Jacques

Alternative Writings

Andre, Jean J.

Similar Names

Andre, J.J.;   Andre, Jean-Jacques


Barthou, Charles;   Belarbi, Z.;   Bensebaa, Farid;   Bernard, Maxime;   Blanzat, Bernard;   Bosio, Louis;   Lelievre, Dominique;   Piechocki, Christian;   Simon, J.;   Simon, Jacques;   Sirlin, C.;   Skoulios, Antoine;   Tercier, Nicole

Publication Titles

1986: Molecular materials. I. Generalities
1986: Octakis((dodecyloxy)methyl)metallophthalocyanines forming discotic mesophases studied by electron paramagnetic resonance Annelides. Part 17.
1987: Energy transfer in solid phases of octasubstituted phthalocyanine derivatives
1989: Electrical and magnetic properties of liquid crystalline molecular materials: lithium and lutetium phthalocyanine derivatives
1992: Dimeric substituted copper phthalocyanine liquid crystals. Synthesis, characterization and magnetic properties


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