Index Name

Andre, Jean-Jacques

Alternative Writings

Andre, J.-J.;   André, J.-J.;   André, J.J.;   André, Jean-Jacques

Similar Names

Andre, J.J.;   Andre, Jean Jacques


Guillon, Daniel;   Markovitsi, Dimitra;   Mathis, André;   Petit, Pierre;   Piechocki, Christian;   Simon, Jacques;   Skoulios, Antoine;   Spegt, Pierre;   Weber, Patrick;   Weill, Gilbert;   Ziliox, Martine

Publication Titles

1984: Three-stage melting of an annelide-type copper complex. A new type of organized phase: Tegma crystals
1985: Synthesis and physico-chemical studies of neutral and chemically oxidized forms of bis(octaalkyloxyphthalocyaninato)lutetium

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