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Andreev, A.


Agapov, O.;   Alyushin, A.;   Alyushin, M.;   Bobylev, Yu.;   Chetverov, Y.;   Chigrinov, V.;   Fedosenkova, T.;   Gonchukov, S.;   Kompanets, I.;   Parfenov, A.;   Pozhidaev, E.;   Shoshin, V.;   Shumkina, J.;   Shumkina, Yu.;   Strigazzi, A.;   Torgova, S.;   Zhukov, A.

Publication Titles

1992: Colour Switch via Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Selective Reflection
1992: Fully Achromatic Light Modulation via Waveguide Mode of Light Propagation in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
1994: Electrooptical properties of new ferroelectric liquid crystals
2002: Thermodynamic Conditions of FLC Orientation in a Display Cell
2007: Dynamics of the domain wall motion in FLC display cell
2007: Experimental model of 3D volumetric display based on a stack of FLC light-scattering shutters


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19th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Edinburgh, 2002, P834
Photonics Optoelectron., 2, 181
Proc. SPIE-Int. Soc. Opt. Eng., 6637, 66370E
Proc. SPIE-Int. Soc. Opt. Eng., 6637, 66370Q

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